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She was a new face at an Options Bytown apartment building with a familiar story.  Molly came from a past filled with sadness, suffering, fear and anger.  When she was just 3 years old she was pulled out of her birth family and brought to live in foster care.  In just one day, there was no more mother, no more father and no more brothers and sisters.  All that was familiar was gone. She was a lone little girl amongst strangers.
She wondered what she had done wrong and that was the thought she kept wondering about long after the day she lost her family. 

From the first days of her new life with her foster family Molly’s sadness consumed her waking hours.  She would be distraught and cry continuously for the ones she loved and now were gone.  She would be uncooperative in the simplest tasks.  Her foster parents lost their patience and would keep her segregated where her crying continued hour after hour.   One day the crying stopped.  The tiny spark inside the little girl was gone.  Molly realized that she had no one in her life that cared and no real reason to care about much.   Life was an empty void for her.

At 16 Molly tried to take her life.  Her life was spared that day when a neighbour walking his dog one night found her unconscious body in the back parking lot of the local school.  This was a close call for Molly and after reviewing her past psychological history her doctor suspected this would not be her last attempt. Molly was sent into treatment where after time she learned that losing her family was not her fault.   Fast forward a decade, Molly is living by herself.  Now she is alone by choice.  Her life has been a series of ups and downs with scant periods of employment and frequent periods of homelessness.  Molly was living in a women’s shelter when she was approached by the shelter’s housing worker.  The housing worker told her about Options Bytown’s supportive housing services and explained to her that there were no barriers for her if she wanted to live there.  Options Bytown offers safe, decent, affordable and permanent housing for anyone at risk of homelessness.  She was encouraged to apply to get on the waiting list.

Molly jumped at the chance to have a place of her own where she would not have to worry about her safety or losing her belongings in a shelter.  She finally moved into an Options Bytown apartment.  She has a home that is clean, warm and all hers. In addition, her rent is affordable.  She would not lose her housing if she lost her job at any time.

Best of all, if Molly feels like she cannot cope with her anxiety and her fragile mental health, she has the supports right in her building to help her.  The Options Bytown on-site housing support workers are there to counsel her, to connect her to outside agencies if she needs further help, and to offer her life skills training to help with her coping.  Molly need never be alone again.

Good News...Molly is now working two days a week as a cleaner with the possibility of more work in the future.  She has found her birth mother and has reconnected again and she is receiving regular counselling for her anxiety.

For Molly and so many others like her, Options Bytown has been a lifeline. Options Bytown provides the vulnerable that in some cases have never experienced a permanent home, with the one important thing they need - a home of their own and supports in place to help them keep it. 


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