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Housing PlusWhat is it and how does it affect me?

Options Bytown is a non-profit organization that provides HousingPlus services in Ottawa. Housing Plus is a proven and cost-effective way to prevent and address homelessness. It combines permanent, affordable housing with on-site services that help people live stable and successful lives.

Housing plus support …

handkeys2Options Bytown and other HousingPlus organizations provide services and housing for people who face social isolation and other complex challenges in Ottawa – individuals and families who may have very low incomes, a history of homelessness or special needs that may relate to mental illness, HIV/AIDS or substance use. There are approximately 800 tenants living in HousingPlus units in Ottawa today. Experts estimate that at least another 2000 units are needed.

Housing plus community …

HousingPlus reduces reliance on costly emergency, health and social services and, more importantly, helps people to be strong and successful members of the community. Since they now have housing and on-site support, tenants build relationships and a sense of community within their buildings and are encouraged to contribute to the health and safety of their neighbourhoods.

Housing plus you …

… equals stronger and safer neighbourhoods

Options Bytown relies on the support and contributions from all sectors and from people in the community … people like you.

What is Housing Plus, click here to find out how you can be part of the equation.

Our Model

Our model allows us to be more cost-effective than other responses to homelessness such as emergency shelters and hospital care, policing and detention.

Money invested in Options Bytown is a sound investment, from a social perspective and from a financial perspective. National and international studies show that the social and financial costs of homelessness outweigh the costs of providing basic housing and supports.


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