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375-379 Gilmour Street opened its doors to Options Bytown tenants in 1992. It is situated in the heart of Centretown just off a busy section of Bank Street.

In these 2 buildings we provide rent geared to income apartments to 54 tenants. A number of these units are populated by tenants who have lived with Options Bytown for 10+ years.

Tenants have access to trained, on-site support staff. The presence of support staff provides tenants with an opportunity to interact informally with support workers and assists in the development of the Options Bytown community. Support staff provide crisis intervention, mediation services, life skills training, referrals to community support services, as well as assistance with organizing a household. Moreover, they can assist tenants with tackling personal issues or provide resources for finding employment.

Tenants develop life skills and self sufficiency with support from Options Bytown. Tenants can become members on the Board of Directors or they can become involved with their Tenant’s Association. We encourage tenant engagement at every level; this year that includes the development of innovative programs to empower tenants in making decisions about key aspects in their lives. Programs and groups at Options include a Women’s Group, Collective Kitchen Program, Gardening Group, Computer Resource Centres, Sewing Club, Home Maintenance Program, as well as peer support through the Tenant Liaison Program.


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