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Recent News\What's going on at Options Bytown

A very exciting partnership has been established between Options Bytown and Whole Foods Market at Lansdowne Park!  Beginning April 11th until July 3rd any customer who brings in their own reusable bag will receive a 10 cent credit.  The customer can then decide to donate it to Options Bytown.


This program is called One Dime at a Time and the reason it is so exciting is that it will help sustain a number of life skill activities at Options Bytown such as the monthly collective kitchen program, cooking lessons, bi-weekly breakfast programs and an organic gardening program. All of these programs focus on improving independent living skills, teaching nutrition and providing opportunities to deal with isolation as well as create a sense of community in our apartment buildings.

There will be 3 additional dates when Options Bytown will be participating at the Whole Foods Market. This Saturday, April 30th from 10 am until noon we will be exchanging customers’ plastic shopping bags for Whole Foods Market reusable bags and again on Saturday, May 28th from noon until 2 pm and Saturday, June 25th from 2 pm until 4 pm. This is a great opportunity to tell customers about Options Bytown and what we do for those living in our apartment buildings.




Please consider a donation today. This will directly help a member of your community and it will benefit your overall community. Click the logo below to donate.



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