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 The recipient of this year’s ‘Media Excellence’ award at Options Bytown’s 2016 Annual General Meeting is the Tyee Solutions Society, a non-profit organization which focuses on solutions-oriented journalism dealing with social, economic and environmental issues of broad concern to Canadians. The aim is to provide citizens with credible information which will empower them to seize opportunities for positive change, and to do so in an environment where there has been significant loss in professional news resources in the mainstream media.

Options Bytown recognizes Tyee Solutions Society for “The Housing Fix”, a year-long project bringing together articles it has produced in the last five years dealing with a wide range of housing issues and potential solutions. Covering everything from the critical analysis of housing statistics, through housing in federal budgets, to “case study” articles looking at individuals, their housing problems and actual solutions from across Canada, “The Housing Fix” is a well-researched and powerful presentation of housing and homelessness in Canada. The project will culminate later this year with events in Vancouver and Ottawa that will promote and seek to advance specific solutions on the national scene.   The presentation by Options Bytown’s board member Benedict Wray was made to Kristen Holinsky the Program Manager for the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association and representing Tyee Solutions Society.


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